UAE Massage Options

Dubai escorting, thanks to UAE authorities, largely operates underground. Girls in Dubai & Abu Dhabi often advertise through word of mouth networks and alternative media publications. While on one hand it’s easy to empathize with sex workers under such heavy enforcement, things are more difficult than ever for Dubai newcomers to find relief. Many independent sex workers operate in the massage industry, and it’s useful to become familiar with massage therapy terminology if you’re planning an extended stay in the United Arab Emirates. Two of the most commonly requested massages in Dubai include the Swedish and the Breusse methods of touch.

Swedish massage – A Swedish UAE massage is particularly useful for those seeking a detoxification method to purifying the body through touch. Known for methodical strokes, Swedish massage can dramatically enhance one’s overall health, and reduce toxins from the body.

Breusse massage – The Breusse Massage is a very gentle spinal massage that safely stretches, aligns, energizes and heals your back. The Breuss’ Method has relaxing and regenerating effects on the entire nervous system. It is recommended for those who suffer from chest and back pain, tense muscles, discopathy problems, sciatic neuralgia and intervertebral disc degeneration.