FINALLY, some FACTS about Dubai happy ending massage parlours.

My friend recommends “Al Quoz” – what’s the story?

Does Salon Sacha on SZR really offer “special” services?

What risks are there to foreign men seeking “happy endings” in Dubai?

As you’ve already found out, the massage scene in Dubai is anything but simple! My name is Rich Hathaway and ever since first visiting Dubai in 1994 I’ve come to know it as perhaps the most vibrant, dynamic place in the world. Two things I’ve learned here are that the challenges to newcomers are extreme, and that the persistent are often well-rewarded.

Newcomers to Dubai are always full of questions. What are the legal ramifications for service workers (and customers) in Dubai? Are prices generally higher for foreign men? Why do parlours and agencies relocate so often? And the most common question of all:

Are The Girls Pictured On Dubai Escort Websites REAL?

That’s an easy one to answer. The common knowledge here is that Dubai agencies are perhaps the most misleading in the world. Chances are extremely high that the girls pictured on agency websites are either models, or escorts from other cities like Paris or Hong Kong. That is why I continue to advise my clients to ignore agency websites or advertisements altogether.

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If your time in Dubai is limited, I urge you not to waste hours pouring over outdated and misleading internet chatter. Advertisements are exaggerated and misleading. If you choose not to download the ebook below, the best advice I can offer is to either secure the services of a personal guide in Dubai like myself, or other qualified insiders like Robert Tate or Jan Novak. Dubai is no place to “roll the dice” or trust random taxi drivers. The danger is simply too great to take such foolish risks.

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Updated March 2018!

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