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United Arab Emirates massage has long been known to travelers as a confusing topic, to say the least. And with the recent boom in western travelers to UAE, information seems in short supply regarding the spa offerings available.

Dubai Massage Center offers therapeutic Swedish and Thai massage.

More so than ever, men traveling to Dubai or Abu Dhabi are seeking answers when it comes to massage. What types of massage are legal and what’s all the discussion of recent crackdowns? Let’s face it, for the vast majority of massage seekers, it might be an irrelevant topic, but for men staying in UAE for extended periods it becomes a reasonable subject! Massage parlours throughout Dubai offer therapeutic touch techniques designed to relieve pressure from major muscle regions, but how many of these therapists are really certified, or even qualified?

WARNING: Not All Massages in Dubai Are Created Equal!

During the recent boom years, massage parlours in UAE have been in high demand from foreigners, yet constantly under the watchful eye from authorities. Salon owners are under pressure from both it’s customers, and the government to provide suitable services for pleasure-seeking customers, whilst not infringing upon local cultural boundaries when it comes to touch – especially female / male. And while the reality of local massage offerings seems to change almost monthly, visitors can be well advised to do their research before taking part in a massage, and ignore most of the alluring advertisements you’ll find online – the fact is most of them are scams simply aiming to separate you from your money.

So where should a new visitor find answers to these questions? The best bet is to find a trusted source – someone who’s been in Dubai for several years and has no reason to lead you astray. While such advisers might not be very common, men around the city do exist, and they’ve probably helped many newcomers avoid trouble, while finding the relieving touch they seek. Dubai is a remarkable city which offers visitors many choices when it comes to spas and therapy centers. And if you do your homework and use your own common sense when it comes to choosing your next massage, you’ll certainly discover that special touch you might have heard about. Always remember your own safety in Dubai, and we hope you discover the massage delights that await you now.

Burj Al Arab resort hotel offers deluxe massage packages.

Massage services in United Arab Emirates are increasing in popularity each year. But if you’re a man who travels to Dubai, you know how frustrating it is to find up to date & accurate information on massages. Whether you seek a therapeutic reflexology spa, or a happy ending parlour in Dubai, you can find expert advice & no-nonsense guidance on these pages. Here are just some of the therapeutic massage types available in Dubai and UAE.

Swedish Massage in Dubai

During a Swedish massage, a therapists will use lotions and oils to reduce friction during the therapy. A Swedish therapist then proceeds to stroke muscle groups with long, straight strokes alternated by circular motions. The combination provides a relaxing massage experience for clients, and is an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing therapy session that relieves sore muscles.

Where can I find a Swedish Massage in Dubai?

Many of the spa hotels in Dubai offer professional therapists specializing in Swedish massage. Highly skilled bodywork specialists can be easily found in the spa hotels like Burj Al Arab, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, and Grosvenor House. Prices can very for these services, but a top notch massage is almost guaranteed in these venues.

Shiatsu and Thai Massages in Dubai

The eastern massage styles have seen higher demand in recent years, and plenty of Thai massage therapists can be found throughout UAE. These types of massage focus on meridians, or pressure points throughout the body and aim to release blocked energy. Especially in a Thai massage, the customer’s cooperation is essential as the limbs are also stretched. Increased flexibility, balance, and feeling of well being are just some of the advantages of the eastern therapy styles.

Where is a Good Thai Massage in Dubai?

Thai massage in Dubai is a little more difficult to arrange than a Swedish style. While many studios advertise the Thai specialization, in reality most trained and certified Thai masseuses work for serious therapy centers and resorts – not street side parlours. Due to mixed reviews of those advertising such services, we withhold recommending any particular studio.

Soapy massage in Dubai parlours can be difficult to find.

Dubai Body Massage

During a therapy session involving a “body” or “full body” massage, the client can expect to be treated to a head-to-toe massage using oils. The therapist typically establishes comfort and relaxation in the initial minutes of the massage and once the mood allows an entire body massage takes place. The “body to body” massage offered by many Asian massage girls are not considered legitimate massages, but can be thought of as sensual massage experiences that result in a happy ending for clients. Although this massage style is highly sought after by men in Dubai, it’s also the most difficult to find.

Where Can I Find a Body Massage in Dubai?

The sensual body massages are not easy to locate in Dubai, especially without local contacts. Due to increasing pressure from authorities, many salons have been closed and massage girls deported. Anyone watching the local news knows very well the taboo nature of such a topic. Chances are, anywhere you see publicly advertised “sensual massage” services in Dubai is a scam. If they were legitimate, the authorities would quickly shut them down.

Dubai: A Massage Seeker’s Paradise!

Whichever style of massage therapy you choose, you’ll find excellent options in United Arab Emirates. A Swedish massage session can be just what a tired body and sore muscles need. A Thai masseuse can restore energy and balance, and an overall feeling of well-being. Hotel spa resorts throughout the Emirates employ world-class therapists highly skilled in their specialties, and many work independently outside the hotel. No matter which service you choose for your next massage in Dubai, one thing is for sure – Dubai is as good as it gets when it comes to massage!

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